Equine Studies - Online Degree Program  

M-Bar-K Farms is pleased to be a "Hands-On-Horses" facility to help you
earn your Bachelor of Science in Equine Studies* from Breyer State
University. Now you can earn your degree completely online in less than 24
months. You can enroll at anytime; work at your own pace and with no
completion deadlines. As part of this online degree, it is necessary to
establish hands on experience with horses on your own schedule, and this is
where M-Bar-K Farms comes in.   

To take your life to the next level, visit
www.horsecoursesonline.com for
more information and to register for this exciting education.  

*The Bachelor of Science in Equine Studies is provided by Success is Easy and Breyer State
University; no tests or classes are held at M-Bar-K Farms.
We are excited to say that
Don Blazer personally
contacted us to ask us if we
would like to be a Hands on
Horses Affiliate, this is part of
what he had to say:

"Mike Aldridge:   I have taken
a look at your web site, and I
am interested in having you
as one of our "hands-on
horses" affiliates.   If you are
interested in having your
ranch and programs listed,
we'd be delighted to have

Let me know if we can make
you a
hands-on horses affiliate.   
Thanks, and best wishes, Don

This is a big honor for us as
we would only be one of four
affiliates in the United States!  
Don Blazer
Is an author, a teacher, a trainer and a trader.  For more
than 40 years he's helped thousands of horses and horse
owners enjoy the best of relationships based on knowledge,
understanding and actions which are mutually beneficial.

The author of eight How-To books on training performance
horses and horse health care, he also writes the syndicated
column A Horse, Of Course, which is must reading for
thousands of fans across the nation.

As a teacher, he's traveled from Alaska to Australia
demonstrating training techniques and he's taught a variety
of horsemanship courses for seven colleges and universities.

Show horses or race horses, he's trained world class winners
at both ends of the spectrum.  His show horses have
competed at world championship events and his race horses
have won both Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred Stake
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