A separate indoor arena is available for use as well as an enclosed indoor
round pen.  A covered hot-walker is available for exercising and cooling out
There is a security gate which is locked at night.  Residents are on
premises, and night checks are done every evening.  Fire extinguishers and
smoke detectors are located throughout the facility.
Board includes a warm insulated barn, box stall with high quality custom
fed 2 - 3x per day, shavings, cleaned daily, large 10 acre pasture for daily
group turn-out (weather permitting) and good water.  Board also includes full
use of the facilities including hot and cold bath rack, grooming areas with
cross ties and parking for one trailer.

We are located just a few short miles from an equine vet and only 20 miles
from a state of the art 24-hour equine surgery facility.  Since
Mike Aldridge is
a Certified Animal Care Specialist we also offer excellent routine and minor
care and treatment for horses that are under the supervision of a
veterinarian ie: bandaging, administering antibiotics, hydrotherapy etc.
(extra fees for these services may apply).

Stall Price
Due to drastic fluctuations in hay, feed and fuel prices, please call for
current boarding rates.
(M-Bar-K Farms has expanded it's number of stalls, so we are now
beginning to take outside horses as well as students for boarding.)

Boarding does not include vet care, shots, worming, shoes and farrier work, dental work or feed
supplements. Prices are subject to change without notice.  Students must be taking one lesson per
week.  We are no longer offering free lessons with board.  Due to limited stall availability, we require a
minimum of thirty days notice prior to vacating your stall.  Stall cleaning consists of being picked daily
and stripped when needed.

Blanketing and Hoof Picking:
If you wish for your horse to be blanketed and/or hooves picked on a regular
basis we charge a flat $30/month.

Additional Services:
Grooming- $15/complete groom session
Body Clip-$100
Lunging-$20 for ½ hour
Catch Ride-$40 per ride

Prices are subject to change without notice.
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Quality Care Makes a
How old would you guess the
horse in the above photo to be?  
You can click on it to enlarge.  
Would you believe at the time this
photo was taken he was age 20!  
This is a horse that M-Bar-K Farms
used as a lesson horse for ten
years.  With quality diet, exercise,
dental and veterinary care, our
horses stay healthy and younger
looking for many years.  We have
seen other barns where the
owner's horses look great, but the
boarder's horses are thin and
shaggy.  Not everyone is in this
business for the horses. Come and
tour our facilities.  You will see that
we take care of our boarder's
horses like they were our own.  We
have gone the extra mile,
consulting with veterinarians and
nutritionists in order to achieve the
best dietary results for your
horse's individual needs if
M-Bar-K Farms
Facilities/Full Care Boarding
Observation Lounge
Have family and friends get out of
the heat or cold while watching
you ride in this beautiful
Observation Lounge.
Kay Kooyman and Happy
Kay has been with us for nine
years.  She rode Happy, a two
year old horse we had in training,
in September, 2004 and bought
him from us the next month.   
She is boarding with us and now
at age nine Happy is an
awesome horse.
Big Indoor Arena Click here to see a video!
Smaller Enclosed Indoor Arena
Covered Hot
Large covered round pen
Inside Large covered round
10 Acre turn out
Outdoor Arena