M-Bar-K Farms has been using these recommendations since
2003 with great results.

Equine Nutrition in the 21st Century
Want to know what to feed your horse? Here are the latest
recommendations from equine nutrition expert Judy Reynolds,
Ph.D., P.A.S., Divisional Equine Technical Specialist, ADM
Alliance Nutrition.

Part I        Part II        Part III        Part IV        Part V

We strive to supply the best diet for our horses, which includes our
boarder's horses.  Our horses are sleek year round, even when they are
kept outside.  We never need to bathe our horses since dust and dirt easily
brush off of their healthy coats.  
See some of our before and after photo's below.
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Above left: May 2003, we rescued Sadie and we started to use this new
diet on her immediately.  Right photo is the results Click to enlarge.