Training Includes:
Our new
Foal Kindergarten
We have decided to start offering foal kindergarten on a limited basis.

This training is available to weanling foals ages 4 - 8 months old.
Length of training will be one to four weeks based on evaluation.
At the end of the training period the foal will be able to:
Be haltered and stand tied quietly
Load and unload into the trainer
Cross tie
Bathe, clip, shop vac
Pick up all four feet
Stand quietly to be groomed
Will not paw, rear, bite or kick
One owner lesson per week is included in training
What are the benefits of training a foal?

Because we start our own horse's training so young we have greatly benefited from this.  
We had one two year get kicked in the face,
one break his shoulder  and one got kicked
in the hock.  All three required surgery.  All three recovered 100%.  We attribute this to not
having to fight them to get into the trailer or the stocks for examination.  Being quiet and
well behaved coming out of surgery, while getting their extensive treatments done
afterward and being well behaved in general lessened the chance of reinjury.

Selling and shipping were much easier as well.  We have gotten excellent feedback from
our buyers about how well they shipped and how easy they are to work with.

It also has the potential to cut down injuries (from becoming unglued) and training time
when being put under saddle.  Horses that were trained at an early age by a
professional usually take easier to training later on, which could shorten the time
needed to be put under saddle.
Please don't try this at home

We recommend to leave your foal alone completely rather then try to train it yourself
unless you are a very skilled, professional horse trainer.  Even if you have read books
and watched videos, there is no way that this will work without thousands of hours of
experience working with young horses.  We have seen horses absolutely ruined this
way.  Unless you can read the foal and be consistent, trying to train the foal yourself will
usually just result in an obnoxious bullying foal that has figured out that he is bigger and
stronger then people.  At that point you will be lucky to find someone that will take the
horse in for training when it is time to put the horse under saddle.   Sale Auctions are full
of horses like this.  These horses will never make it to their full potential no matter how
much training they get down the road.   This is why we decided to offer this service so
that people will have a well mannered foal without the risk of trying to train the horse
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