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Are you comparing Apples to Apples?
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We know that our horses
like apples but are you
comparing apples to
apples?  With our
knowledge and background
we usually will teach you
more in one or two lessons
then other instructors can
teach you in ten.  Make sure
that you are really getting
M-Bar-K Farms
Balance is very important to us,
here Tricia demonstrates
jumping a horse bareback to
show the importance of being
balanced. (Please don't try this at
Here at M-Bar-K Farms we don't
just put you on a horse and have
you ride around in a circle.
We offer a VERY well-
rounded program for our
students.  Don't get on a
thousand pound horse and
then be taught by an
untrained instructor.
the best value for your horse lesson dollars.  Unfortunately
anybody can call themselves an instructor or a trainer and
some truly think that they know what they are doing.  
Because they had a few horses as a child or they won a lot of
ribbons at shows but they are ignorant of the basic
fundamentals of formal education and they may teach you bad
habits and dangerous techniques that could cause serious
injury.  If another instructor doesn't know something they
can't teach it to you and they can't explain the "Why's" behind
what they are teaching. We explain the reasons behind
everything we teach you.  We answer all of your questions
and tell you why things are the way they are.  We don't have a
set series of classes cut out or a one size fits all lesson plan.  
We find out what you want to know and we start from there.  
Our students actually get great results.  Our horses are
schooled several times a week so they are extremely well
behaved, standing quietly so you can relax and listen to the
instructor.  One of our motto's has been  "Always judge an
instructor by the caliber of his or her horses" If your
instructor has
misbehaving horses, or if he or she won't
even get on them, then how can they teach you to be an
accomplished horse person?