M-Bar-K Farms
(Samuel) Sammy
Update Mar 16, 2008 See pictures below! Mike actually started this
horse under saddle a few months ago.  He was so impressed with him
that he asked the owner to please call him if she ever decided to sell
him.  Well needless to say he now owns him with his friend Vicki Barr.  
Mike plans on training Sammy as a dressage and/or three day event
horse.  He is very sweet and gentle and has a great gait to him. He is
16.3 hands now at 4 years of age and weighs around 1200 lbs.  He will
probably reach 17 hands and about 1400 to 1600 lbs at maturity.
Wow! That's a lot of horse.  Good thing Mike is  great at training
horses to be gentle.  
What a handsome boy!!
Sammy has a certain regal
bearing to him that is common
to the Friesian breed.
Be sure to say "Hi" to Sammy
when you visit. He just loves
March 16, 2008
Mike and Sammy were very privileged to be taking their
first lesson with dressage trainer/instructor
Mclaughlin at our barn in Cedar hill. Click on photo's to