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Did you know that if you try to get into
horses by yourself you have an 8 in 10
chance of getting out of them in the first

(We are not just talking about beginners either.  Non-
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We pride ourselves in offering the most complete form of buyer's services.
We designed this service with your convenience in mind.  You will be given
frequent status updates along with pictures and comparative notes if more
than one horse matches your interest.  Also the added benefit of having a
buyers agent is that you can have the confidence to move fast when that
great deal comes along!     

This is a short breakdown of the representation you will receive with M-Bar-K

I. Consultation to help determine the right horse for you.
(The wrong horse can be a very expensive mistake, it is much easier to buy
a horse then it is to sell one.)

II. Help you locate YOUR new horse
(We will help you avoid scam artists and other dishonest horse sellers who
prey on inexperienced, first time horse buyers).

III. Go with you to look at the horse
(There are a lot of tricks that sellers use to rip you off).  

IV. Ride and evaluate the horse
(Don't risk injuring yourself on a strange horse!, Can you afford to be off
work for weeks?)

V. Perform a health and wellness check
(With our instructor's advance knowledge in veterinary skills, we can help
save you hundreds of dollars by weeding out obvious problems before you
pay to have an official vet check done on your prospective horse)
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VI. Help you close the deal and transport the horse home, plus if you board
with us we can help you smoothly get through the most difficult time of horse
ownership: The First 30 to 60 Days

VII. But it doesn’t stop there...

With thousands of saddles, bits, horse supplies, etc. we can help you fit your
equipment properly and literally save you hundreds and hundreds of dollars
by carefully helping you select the items you need and avoiding the items
you don't.  We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week if you have
any questions.

Fee starts at $300.00 and may go up (depending on type of horse) plus all
travel expenses paid.

This is a ONE-TIME FEE.  

Established students are eligible for discount rates.
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Another success!  December 18, 2005

Here is a case where a non-beginner hired us to help her find a suitable horse for her 9 year old son
that would also be safe for her small twins, (pictured above) as well as friends and family to ride.  She
had grown up winning English horse shows all over California, but the first horse she purchased for her
children did not work out at all.  We helped her find a good home for that horse which was perfectly
suited for her and then helped her locate Mystic Hand, their new horse.  Above left, Seller Sharon S. (in
the dark jacket) introduces the buyer Melissa M. (red jacket) and one of her twins to Mystic Hand.  Above
right, Sharon gets some help leading Mystic Hand to his new home.  Afterwards we helped Melissa pick
out some new well fitting tack for Mystic, and she started giving her 9 year old son a few lessons to safely
ride his new horse Mystic the way he was trained to be ridden.
A sad email...
We received this email the other day
and it is just another reminder of what
happens to so many beginners when
they try to get into horses on their own.

I have a 5 yr old paint mare (due to
foal) in late may. She sounds just like
Sadie when you first bought her, She
will not let us near her except for when
she is eating she will let us touch her .
We sent her to Waco to be broke and
that was a mistake because she came
back pregnant. She has never had her
hoofs worked on because she freaks
out when anything gets near her feet. I
am deeply concerned for this baby she
is going to have in a few months. We
are selling her because we are green
with horses and we have spent enough
money the first time we sent her to
training. If you would be interested in
buying her and helping her and her
baby please e-mail me back... Thank

This person has spent a lot of wasted
money, time and emotion and she will
probably get out of horses all together.
 It will be nearly impossible to find this
horse a good home because of its
problems.  Because a horse like this
would take at least four months of
training to rehabilitate most
experienced horse people won't
purchase her.  And hopefully another
beginner won't try to buy her and end
up in the same boat.  We suggested
donating her to an equine rescue
group.  Her and her foal would get the
care they need by experienced people
who do a much needed service for the
horse community.  Plus it is a merciful
alternative to
auctions or
abandonment.  If you would like to
learn more about a local service or to
make a donation go to
Lone Star
Equine Rescue for more information.
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Let our experience save you
With our experience purchasing
hundreds of horses over the
years we save the average client
hundreds and sometimes
thousands of dollars when
buying their first horse.
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an example of us recently
helping someone find their first
We offer this service so that we
don't have to see you and your new
horse coming in for
Problem Solving!
Another Sad Story...
June 9, 2008

Spotted on Craigslist

Update on Horse Rip Off:
I posted the original post at the bottom back in May. I have since
contacted an attorney and figured it was not worth the cost and effort
to bring legal action. It is absurd that these people know that most
people will not be able to do anything about being ripped off. I am
stubborn and hard working so I do not take it lightly. My family is
honest and treat people good as gold until you cross us......
Here is his email back to me after reading my post: """"well you need
to get your facts straight you do what you need to do your money will
be wasted in court because i will bring all my witnesses in to testify as
to what i told you you bought the horse as a kids horse with feet
problems there was no deception there . i will be posting my own ads
on craigs list about you because you dont want the responsibilty of a
horse . """"

I was told the horse had tender feet and the ads say the same...I
have copies scanned if anyone wants one. I do take care of my
horse. That is why I am not trying to ditch her on someone else. I
have spent more money on the farrier....He uses very intelligent
punctuation and spelling...don't you think??? Who would you
believe? Oh, and someone posted some nasty ads about him...I was
blamed but I sure have received many emails about him.

Original Post:
I contacted a man on Craig's list about a horse for my kids. This
horse was advertised as a bomb proof 12 year old kid's horse. We
went to look at the horse in XXXXXX on the road behind the big
shopping center. The horse seemed fine and he assured me that she
just had tender feet and needed shoes. That was no big issue to me.
Since he claimed to be an expert and we are not, I believed what he
told me. I got the horse home and my kids were so happy!!! I called a
farrier to come out that same week so she could get shoes and the
kids could start riding her. The farrier told me that I needed to get rid
of the horse as soon as I could because she had foundered several
times and the only thing he could do is put special things on her feet
that would cost me $185 every 4 weeks. I did not know what
foundered meant and I have since did some research. It is a pain to
deal with a chronic foundered horse. Also, the horse was 18 not 12.
When I contacted the guy I got the horse from, he refused to give me
my money back or work out any kind of arrangement. He claimed
there wasn't anything wrong with the horse. Even though this farrier
has years of experience I decided to get a second opinion just to see.
I got two more farriers to come out and look at her. They both told me
the same thing. This has been a hard lesson for me so I hope I can
prevent others from loosing their hard earned money and breaking
their kid's heart because they can't ride the horse you bought them
and can't afford another one. I hope this posting helps in any
least we know we warned others...Please do your research on what
to look for when buying a horse. I have copies of all the Craig's list
postings for the horse. This is the guy's number XXX-XXX-XXXX. His
name is XXXXX. Horse Buyers Beware horse, gelding, mare