Would you like your
horse to be in M-Bar-K
Farm's sale and
consignment program?
Contact us to find out the
details and benefits of
our program.
M-Bar-K Farms
Horse Sales & Consignments

Benefits of Consigning with M-Bar-K
1.  Our sale and consignment horses are very well
cared for. Excellent references available on request.
2.  Training sessions to keep your horse well
3.  Horses get a lot of love and attention daily.
4.  Horses get wonderfully conditioned with the daily
grooming and exercise.
5.  Great exposure for horses that are being sold
(seen in person by over 100 people per week (many
who are looking to buy a horse some day), free web
page (our website gets 250 to 800 views per day!),
and shown by M-Bar-K Farms instructors in indoor
facilities) As an added bonus, we vastly increase the
horse's market since we frequently deal with out of
state people who are leery of dealing with an
individual seller.  We have sold horses to people in
New York, New Mexico, Florida, Colorado as well as
all over Texas.
6. Fifty percent of horses that come in are bought by
our own students.  Our students can get to know
and learn to properly ride and care for horses that
are being sold, which can sell a horse faster then
cold selling as well as provide a better home.
7.  Especially well-behaved horses can be worked
into our lesson program, which can decrease your
monthly boarding costs.  With our strict supervision
during lessons, horses learn to tolerate different
riders without being mishandled.
8. Busy horses act up less and live longer healthier
lives. (See photo to right)
9.  Avoid tire kickers and missed appointments, we
deal with everything, including legal paperwork,
shipping arrangements, veterinarian checks, etc.  If
someone calls you about the horse, just give them
our number and we will make all arrangements to
show your horse for you.
10. Great for professionals and people who travel a
lot, or just don't have the time it takes to sell a horse.
Quality Care Makes a
How old would you guess the
horse in the above photo to be?  
You can click on it to enlarge.  
Would you believe at the time this
photo was taken he was age 20!  
This is a horse that M-Bar-K Farms
used as a lesson horse for ten
years.  With quality
diet, exercise,
dental and veterinary care, our
horses stay healthy and younger
looking for many years.
Availability for this program is limited to
space available.
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This is an example of one of
our consignment horses.  
(Click on photo to see his
pages) We actually got the
owner of this horse more
then what she wanted for
him, even after sales
expenses!  See her letter to
us below.
This is an example of one
we sold in June, 2008.  
This horse came to us
straight out of the pasture
and has been with us for
one month.  Owned by a
Physician.  We do all of
our own photography and
video, which will save you
We take horses in on a case by case basis.  
We don't demand that a horse be extremely
valuable to come into our program.  We
have people wanting horses in all different
price ranges.  Our biggest criteria is that the
horse must be able to pass a vet check.  If
the horse has any bad habits we need to
know about it so we can disclose it.  We only
market horses that are boarding with us.  
We want to get to know your horse and his
good and bad points so that we can give an
honest opinion to our buyers.  Good
conformation and gentle in nature are very
important to us.  Since we market all of our
horses to our students and contacts first, it
is important to us to only have good quality
horses for sale.  We will do our best to
assure that your horse receives a good
home.  We carefully screen all buyers to
make sure that they are not horse traders,
and that they are not ill-suited for your horse.
May 15, 2008

Thank you so much for all your help with my horse
Harley.  I was really in over my head when I heard
about you.  I had purchased Harley as a 16 hand
3-year old for an eventing prospect.  Unfortunately, he
kept growing ending up at 17.1 hands and then
decided he did not like to jump.  His sheer size
intimidated me and I stopped riding him.  I had no idea
how to proceed.

At this point, I met with you and could tell you were the
right person to re-train and find a home for my horse.  
You are very professional and straight-forward in your
approach to horses and clients.  Within the first month
of working with Harley you had him so fit and forward
and impeccably groomed.  The videos and pictures
you took and posted on the web were beautiful and I
knew would help sell him.

Within two months, he had been ridden frequently and
consistently and was moving nicely in a new dressage
frame.  You got him exposure at a clinic and worked
your connections to find a buyer.  Two months to the
day after Harley had stepped off the trailer in Cedar
Hill, he was on his way to his new home with a happy
new owner.

Mike, it was a pleasure to watch you ride, train and
market my horse.  I could not have envisioned such a
perfect outcome.  I recommend your services to
anyone who has a horse who needs anything from
starting, a "refresher course," or a new career and

Thank you again!

Risa Bliss and Harley
Prices Vary
Call us and we can go over what we
think will be the best way to market the
type of horse you have.
Above: We put the above black horse's web
page together and started to just advertise within
200 miles of the DFW area.  This was the
resulting page views in just 48 hours.  It topped
out at over 1,000! (Click to enlarge) First person
to come look at him bought him.
This is another example
of a horse we just sold in
July, 2008. He was owned
by a Veterinarian who
said he needed a job.  He
was purchased by a
Police Officer in the
McKinney, TX area to be
used as a mounted patrol
horse.  This horse was
with us about six weeks.
Update 6/21/08 We just discovered
something nice somebody wrote about us