Note: We do not make grammer or spelling corrections to our emails we receive.
One of our students emailed us this letter

"I love y'all . . . you two have been the most blessed finding that I've had this month.
Or did I find y'all last month?  Doesn't matter . . . y'all are great either way.

VeNecia D."
Testimonial from one of our Course students!
Just checked out your new web site. Looks great!  Congrads on coming to Cedar Hill.  I think you
guys are really going to like it there.
We are not much on words but until we met you guys we were about to just give up and throw in
the towel. I was really unhappy about the whole mess. And then Natasha and I were on the Internet
one night and looking for one more chance and that's when we found your web site. After the first
class we couldn't wait until for the next one. We have learned so much from you, Mike and Tricia.
And we look forward to learning so much more. Any time anyone starts to talk to us about getting a
horse or talks about riding lessons we tell them about you guys and how much we have learned
from you.
Hope this new move is all you dreamed of and more. See you tomorrow night.

So thank you again,
Bobby, Sandy, & Natasha
Another Testimonial!  This time for our Web Site!

I love your website.  I'm sort of
new to the area, so it's hard to pick a stable from the internet without
any personal recommendation.  The amount of experience, education,
sensitivity, competence and just damn good sense here really makes me feel confident about
taking lessons with you.

Morgen W.
This is a testimonial that people may remember from our last website.  We are so
proud of Melissa!  She now works as an equine veterinary technician in Wylie.

"In early 2001 my husband and I purchased a little over six acres in Lucas.  We were so excited to
finally have the opportunity to own our own horses.  We did what most beginners do, and bought  
a horse with out an experienced or knowledgeable person to represent us.  Unbeknownst to me I
purchased a horse with novicular and to make matters worse she had very little handling.  With
next to no horse experience myself,  I hired a "trainer" to break my horse and then I set out to ride
her.  After numerous times of being dumped in the dirt I decided a green broke horse wouldn't be
the best for a green rider.  From 2001 to 2003 I bought and sold nearly a dozen horses and hired
and fired just about as many trainers.  After pouring tons of money and wasted energy I realized I
wasn't able to continue in the horse world alone.  Extremely discouraged and ready to give up, I
made one last attempt.  I took my first lesson with Mike & Kasey in September 2003 lacking
confidence and feeling defeated.  It took about a five minute ride with Mac's for me to fall in love
with horses all over again.  Mike, Kasey, and Tricia have opened my eyes to the horse industry in
a way that I could never have imagined.  I now realize the importance of being taught by a
knowledgeable instructor who is genuinely interested in his students and his horses.  It's been an
absolute joy to work with Mike and his family as I have learned so many things about breeding,
genetics, equine nutrition, tack, riding and a plethora of other things I never even knew existed.  
I've not only gained an excellent trainer but also life time friends.  Thanks to all the folks and
horses at M-BAR-K Farms for inspiring me to pursue my dreams with horses- where ever that
leads me!"   

Melissa Krzycki          
Another Testimonial!  This time for our horses!

Kasey, I would also like to ask if we could use your horses again this week. Bobby and I would like
to ask if we could use your horses for our classes for a few more weeks. We felt a lot more
comfortable and SAFER. We were both able to relax enough to listen to Mike and concentrate on
the ride more. Besides after that work out on Sunday we both realized that the pain in our legs was
from not having the riding experience that we need to handle Gambit and Skeet (their own horses)
in the saddle. And we should be better prepared when we get back on them.
Natasha felt better as well after her Monday lesson on Gabe she has been counting the days all
week. I have to confess that she usually dreaded going to the class because she says she going
to have to fight Tuffy (her horse) the whole time. After Monday's class she has been working him a
little more. I have noticed a little more confidence and patience in her this week when she was
ground working him. See you guys tomorrow.

Bobby,Sandy & Natasha
One Excited Student!  
After we decided to let her purchase one of our up and coming
M-Bar-K Farm's two-year-olds and help us train him.  We only allow
our most dedicated and serious students to do this.)
 Sandy wrote:  Ok, Check
out the time you received this. Yea, I have already been up two and a half hours. I don't have to be
in to work today until seven (inventory) but I just couldn't sleep. This is so great!! I can't wait! I
think you guys are the greatest!   All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you and you won't be
disappointed.  I think you guys are the best people that have come into our lives in a very very
long time.

Thank you
Another Testimonial!  From a Search Engine User Review!

If ever there has been an honest, caring business out there, M-Bar-K farms is it. The proprieters
really care about what they do, and are completely knowledgeable about their business. They
strive to stay on top of their knowledge about horses, their training and care. They want their
customers to know every aspect of their ownership of horses, as well as to have a trully enjoyable
experience with them. They are always there for their students, no matter what time or day it is. I
feel that any person who turns to them for lessons of any kind that they offer, will definitly get their
moneys worth and a whole lot more! A person cannot lose by turning to them for all their needs for
anything to do with horses!

Another Testimonial!

Dear Mike,

I want to let you know how much I enjoy and appreciate all that you do for my family and me. You  
are amazing with horses and I feel priveleged to work with such  caring, nurturing and finely skilled
mentors. My daughters enjoy every minute of the training they receive from you. Your horses are
shining examples of your awesome abilities. We love you guys. Don't get
discouraged when you get overloaded because what you do has a very positive,significant and
long lasting impact on your students, your horses and the parents who have the pleasure of
watching you at work.

Best Wishes.

Melissa J.
Another Testimonial/Thank you letter!

This was a testimonial sent by a girl (age 12) who bought one of our three year old M-Bar-K Farms
lesson horses in the summer of 2004.  We received this letter from her in the fall of 2005.
"Hey its Christin who bought Digity's Happy Jet im just e-mailing you to say that Digity is doing
great and is filling out nicely as a 4 year old... I was just checkin in on yall and to tell you that Digity
is doing fine. And having a great time with me and I wanted to thank you again for saleing me
Digity.  Because I dont no what I would do with out him.
Christin C.
San Antonio, TX"
This is a thank you that we received after helping someone find their first horse.

Hey Kasey,

Just wanted to let you know that Gunsmoke was WONDERFUL today.   Nicole gave him a few
apple slices and we started grooming him, he completely relaxed and seemed to decide that he
liked us! We groomed him and just talked to him for about 45 minutes, then we tacked him up.

I free lunged him (he did great) and then me and Nicole rode him in the round pen, then headed
off onto the 150 acres of trails (Nicole rode) with  some other girls for two hours and he just did
WONDERFUL! He definitley knows what to do on the trail and he just had great manners around
the other horses and with Nicole. He's so calm and sweet and he's just the perfect size for us. He
did great with his new bit (I got just what Mike said- a tom thumb, copper mouthpiece, med. shank
and a curb strap). And I bought him one of those blankets that y'all have and put that on him for

Thank you, thank you so much for finding him! I did call Donna today (the seller) and let her know
how he was doing and she was grateful that I called.

Talk to you soon!
Another Testimonial! From a lady that bought one of our M-Bar-K Farms babies
that we raised.
Hi Kasey,

Just wanted to let you know that Paddy did a great job in the trailer and
hopped right out when we got home, she's awesome! You guys did a great job!
She gets along great with our other 2 which I am relieved to see, so everything is even better than
I could have hoped for!
Thanks again for all your help!

Christina M.  Floresville, TX
A Sweet Letter From Laura's Mom!

Your website is impressive. My daughter Laura takes and
teaches lessons with you. She talks about the horses and the people there
more than work, her friends, her apartment when we catch each other by
phone. She is going to miss all of you more than anything else in the
Dallas area. I wish I could visit you folks before she moves, but that
doesn't look promising at the moment. Thanks for being family to her in
Dallas. God bless "y'all."

Jane Jirele Borleske

Update Laura has found a new job and will be staying with us!!! Yeay!!!
Another Testimonial about a filly that we bred and trained!
Hi Kasey,

Paddy is doing absolutely amazing. I know I have probably told you guys this before but she is the
most awesome filly I have ever worked with! You have no idea how lucky we feel. I would definetly
consider buying another young horse from you guys with those bloodlines. She has been doing
ground work for 3 months and is probably better and more thorough in her performance than most
of the older horses. She really could be saddle trained now, that's how much she knows and
understands. She moves beautifully! She has the absolute best personality I have ever seen in a
mare, and I am more of a gelding person. I will send you some recent pictures of her, she gets
more beautfiul everyday and is quite the star of the equestrian center! :-)

I just wanted to let you guys know that I am thankful everyday we got lucky enough to end up with
horse like her!

Thanks Kasey, you guys are awesome!

From a Canadian!

Hi Mike,
We are on our way back to Canada now. Just wanted to thank you for
the great lesson Rachel had with you and the time we got to spend with
you. Helping and educating riders to become better is clearly your
passion. It was incredible how much she learned in a one hour lesson. Worth
every penny. We are looking forward to getting home and using our new
techniques on our horses.
Dave R.
M-Bar-K Farms