All Training Includes:

We train, we do not "break" your horse.  Our training methods do not include
any abusive techniques or any behaviors that will cause pain to the horse.  
Our emphasis is on preparing a horse to have the right attitude to want to
learn.  We use multiple techniques based on equine behavior patterns that
allows us to communicate on a level the horse understands clearly.

A good trainer can train a horse to do a lot of things without abusive
techniques.  Click on above photo on the left to see Mike teach an
unbroke Arabian to shop vac for the very first time in about four
minutes.  This video is uncut and in real time.

We Specialize in Problem Solving/Training, and Working with You to Train
Your Own Horse.

Older horse? Problem horse? Abused? No problem!  
here to see a great example of what we can do with abused horses)

Monthly Cost
We now have many new options and a wide range of plans available
depending on the individual's needs.  Please call 469-682-4405 to find out
about pricing and options.

Training cost does not include vet care, shots, worming, shoes and farrier work, dental work or feed
supplements. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Hourly Horse Training Classes
w/Clients own horse

Bring your horse to M-Bar-K Farms for that one on one personal training.  
You will be absolutely amazed at what a few hours with a good trainer and
instructor can do.  This is especially good for horses that are acting up a lot
and misbehaving.  Is it you?  The horse?  Are there pain issues? Tack
problems? Feed problems?  We can tell how your horse was originally
trained and the type of temperament he has.  We will work with you so that
you can get the most out of your horse and enjoy him for years to come.  
Sometimes it only takes a few lessons with you and your horse together to
totally transform your horse's behavior.   We have done this over and over
with horse owners and we love to see the happy faces of those who can now
have an enjoyable companionship with their horses.
Call for current price.
2 hour minimum on the first class
Call 469-682-4405 to see if this is the best solution for you.

See our
Problem Horse page!

"How many people do you know that can use two year old barrel racing
horses for beginner riding lessons?  It is what I do... and I trained them."
             Mike Aldridge, December, 2004

Prices subject to change without notice.
We will train
we will train
"Judge a Trainer
by the caliber of
his horses"
Just because someone
calls themselves a trainer
does not mean that they
are qualified to be training
horses.  We keep hearing
from people who had their
horse come back worse
then he was when he left.
One of our students saw a
horse that was
permanently crippled by an
unqualified trainer last
week.   Always ask for
references and if you can,
see some of the horses he
or she has trained.
"Horses can enjoy
being trained,
worked and ridden"

All of the horses we train
learn to truly enjoy being
around people.

"Beating a horse while
training it to be ridden is
like beating a dog to train
it to catch a frisbee.  Why
do it that way when it is
much more effective to
make it fun!"
- Kasey Aldridge,
Coordinator, Jan. 2006
See the wonderful Forward to
a limited addition
Horsemanship book that we
published on our website by
special permission by the
author.  His teachings follow
along with the philosophies of
M-Bar-K Farms.
An Analysis of Horsemanship
M-Bar-K Farms
Test Ride
10 year old Christin C. of San
Antonio, Texas test rides 3 year
old Digitys Happy Jet that Mike
trained (July 2004).  Her trainer,
Bo Phillips of Phillips training
center gave the thumbs up.
We checked on them 6 weeks
later and the trainer thanked us
for selling Digity to them.  He
said that Christin and Digity were
doing great together training to
compete in both barrels and
English!  And that Digity was
unbelievably well behaved.  Look
for Christin and Digity at the 2005
San Antonio Stock Show!
Update 6/21/08 We just
discovered something nice
somebody wrote about us on
Sept 24, 2008 See
Mike with
Campos on News
Channel 8!