Kasey Aldridge, Coordinator
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Kasey Aldridge, Coordinator
Kasey has been married to Mike for 23 wonderful
years. They work well together as a team and Kasey is
a very valuable asset to the business.  Kasey does the
website for the company, our
videos and the

For students that already own their own horses she
helps them learn and understand horse genetics,
breed planning, pasture maintenance, as well as
proper nutrition and care for their horses.  
She works with Mike and Tricia as a buyer’s agent.  Some of those responsibilities
include interviewing the buyer and explaining the process to them.  She helps to
locate and research the horse, interviews the seller, and coordinates a meeting time
and place.  She then walks the buyer through the transaction and handles all the
paperwork to close out the deal.

Kasey is very efficient and helps the new horse owner get settled with their new
horse.  Because she is so detail oriented she can lead the owner through the
process of boarding, feeding, vet care, equipment and supplies etc. that can
sometimes be overwhelming to a novice.  We are so proud to have her as part of the