What to Wear
We discourage you to run out and buy helmets until you see that your
rider is serious about riding. We supply helmets and they are available
as part of the riding equipment. We recommend that all riders wear
protective headgear. Helmets must be worn by all riders under the age
of 18.

Riding boots or shoes must be made of leather and have at least 1"
heels when riding. Tennis shoes are not recommended. Wear clothes
that are comfortable and that you don’t care if they get dirty. Long
pants and shirts tucked in are recommended.

Please leave your expensive jewelry at home. No dangling ear rings
and bracelets, necklaces must be tucked inside your shirt. Do not
wear anything that may get caught and break.

Girls with long hair, please pull back into a pony tail.

Winter Riding
All of our riding will be indoors and the temperature is much warmer
than outside. For the winter months, wear layers. You will get warm
when riding in the winter! Gloves and long underwear is also
M-Bar-K Farms
What to Wear
Proper attire will make your
riding experience much more
Winter riding is fun, don't forget
to dress warmly!